Reduced ARS 13-2307 Trafficking in Stolen Property

Michael was addicted to Meth.  To support his habit he would traffic in stolen property.  He had numerous prior felonies and was on probation when he was caught with stolen property yet again. He was looking at up to 35 years in prison.  Burges took the case and got him evaluated for his addiction and encouraged him to get treatment. Michael excelled in treatment and became a mentor and inspiration to others in treatment. Burges convinced the prosecutor to cut his prison sentence down to a maximum of 9 years for all his cases combined.  Then at sentencing, Burges presented the judge the findings of the evaluation and the progress Michael made with treatment and got his sentence reduced to 7 years.

ARS 13-2307 Trafficking in Stolen Property, ARS 13-1819 Organized Retail Theft – Probation without jail

Fran was hooked on heroin. She ran away from home and was living from motel to motel with her boyfriend. They would shoplift from stores like Walmart and Target and return the items for cash or sell them on the street to support their drug habit.  Eventually, the law caught up to her and her boyfriend. Fran had no criminal history, but the prosecutors had evidence of several different stores that she stole from and she was looking at mandatory prison.  Her mom got her into rehab and then called me.  While I was representing her on one case, another case was filed by the police.  I negotiated with the prosecutor and convinced him not to charge the new case and give Fran probation with no jail. Her boyfriend went to prison. Fran is fighting her addiction day by day.