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Caitlin B. – ARS 28-1383 Aggravated DUI

Five Stars! The professionalism of, Mr. Burges McCowan is, what gives people like me confidence in the justice system. I highly recommend the services of Burges. If ever I have a legal situation (again) this lawyer is who I will be contacting. I have nothing but the highest praise and respect for how he handled my […]

ARS 13-2002 Forgery – Dismissed

Melissa and her boyfriend were at a rocky point in their relationship. Melissa’s boyfriend usually provided financial support for her and her 2-year old daughter but he was withholding money. Melissa found her boyfriend’s checkbook and in a moment of desperation forged a check to herself so she could get some cash for her and […]

ARS 4-244 – Minor Consumption of Alcohol – Not Guilty

Sarah was 20 years old, only a couple months from turning 21, and visiting the Valley with her family for the Fiesta Bowl. She was drinking alcohol with her parents’ permission outside the stadium. Officers didn’t care about her parents’ permission and arrested her for Minor in Consumption. The police had Sarah blow into a […]

ARS 13-1203 Assault – Dismissed

Al had a drinking problem. In the span of a couple months he picked up assault charges from bar fights in Tempe and Scottsdale.  Fortunately, he realized he had a problem and got rehab. Then Burges went to work making sure his record stayed clean.  Burges was able to get his charges dismissed after negotiating […]

ARS 28-1381(A1) DUI Impaired to the Slightest Degree – Not Guilty

Mark and his wife were threatened by some punks outside the bar as they were leaving. The bouncers at the bar ignored the situation. Mark was assaulted but was able to pull away. Mark and his wife got in their car and drove a couple miles away until they felt safe.  When the police arrived […]