Violent Crimes

What to do if you're arrested for a violent crime


Exercise your right to remain silent
You may have an innocent explanation (e.g., self-defense) but trying to convince the police is a fool’s errand. Your words will be twisted around and if you forget to say something important, it may not be believed later. Better to just keep your mouth shut.


Ask to speak to an attorney
Even if it is the middle of the night and you cannot get ahold of an attorney, simply by asking the question you protect against further interrogation from the police.


Hire an attorney ASAP
To mount the best defense possible, time is of the essence. Speak to an attorney as quickly as possible while the facts of your situation are fresh in your mind.

What are violent crimes in Arizona?

Violent crime charges in Arizona cover a very broad range of actions. A simple argument can turn into a very serious criminal charge in no time at all under Arizona law. Depending on the charge, your potential sentence also varies greatly. You could be facing merely fines or a lengthy prison sentence. Burges McCowan will thoroughly and tirelessly investigate your case, make sure you understand what to expect from the legal process and mount an effective defense on your behalf.

Assault (ARS 13-1203) & Aggravated Assault (ARS 13-1204)

Assault in Arizona is a misdemeanor, while Aggravated Assault is a felony. To be charged with assault in Arizona you do not have to actually injure anyone. Simply making someone flinch, or think they are about to be hit, is enough to constitute assault. If you are charged with Aggravated Assault the consequences can be dire. If they accuse you of using a weapon during the assault you could be facing prison even if nobody was actually hurt. Burges has helped many people over the year who were facing serious consequences with assault charges. Contact him right away so he can get started on your defense. Click here for an in-depth explanation of Assault (ARS 13-1203) and Aggravated Assault (ARS 13-1204).

Resisting Arrest (ARS 13-2508)

Resisting Arrest can be charged for something as simple as keeping your arms too stiff when the police are putting handcuffs on you. Burges has had several cases where the officer did not tell the person he was being arrested and just grabbed his wrists, and when the person pulled back it was charged as Resisting Arrest. Unfortunately, that is all it take to have a felony charge that can have dire consequences for your freedom and future career prospects. The prosecutors take a hard line approach to this charge because they want to support the police. If you are facing this charge you will need an attorney who has the experience to try every strategy to help you. Contact Burges, he has the experience to help. For a more in-depth explanation on Resisting Arrest (ARS 13-2508), click here.

Robbery (ARS 13-1902)

Robbery is using force or the threat of force to take someone’s property from them. If you use a weapon, or even if you just pretend you have a weapon, you are facing Armed Robbery. Using a weapon, even if you don’t actually hurt anyone makes you susceptible to prison. Prosecutors take Robbery very seriously and if they can put you in prison, they will. If you are facing Robbery charges you need an experienced attorney who can look for every possible defense to help you. Contact Burges, he has handled numerous Robbery cases over the years and he can help. For a more in-depth explanation of how robbery charges are handled in Arizona, click here.

Domestic Violence (ARS 13-3601)

Domestic violence is a special designation added to charges when the alleged victim lives with the defendant. It does not matter if the victim is simply a roommate or a spouse. If the defendant is living in the same home as the alleged victim, the police, prosecutors, and courts will treat the case as a domestic violence case. Often prosecutors will proceed with the case even if the victim does not want prosecution. The consequences of having a domestic violence conviction can be dire. A conviction could result in limitations in child visitation rights, loss of gun privileges, mandatory counseling, probation, jail or in the most serious cases a prison sentence. If you try to make any contact with the victim in violation of your conditions of release or order of protection, additional charges against you could result. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, your freedom could be at stake. You need a lawyer who has experience with domestic violence crimes to make sure your case is handled properly. Contact Burges, he can help. For a more in-depth explanation of Domestic Violence (ARS 13-3601), click here.

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