Crime Patterns

There is a persistent myth that crimes are more widespread and violent during the summer months, but it turns out that is not exactly true.The Wall Street Journal reveals mixed results in crime pattern studies. The answer is crime increases sometimes, and it varies vastly depending on where you are.


The US Department of Justice found that burglaries and non-violent  are definitely higher in the summer months. Nationally, most crime is up during June, July, and August, especially in cities like New York and Chicago. But when temperatures soar over 90 degrees, crime rates often decrease, proving that criminals like it hot, but not too hot. 


What are some factors that can increase crime patterns in the summer?

  • Warmer temperatures

  • More people outside 

  • Increased aggression

  • Teens out of school

  • Increases in social interaction

  • Increase in tourism

  • Empty houses as people are on vacation

What about Summer crime in Arizona?

Summer Crime Patterns in Arizona2In general, cities with warmer climates, such as Los Angeles, see a much less dramatic increase in summer crime. In some places, crime patterns show us that the rates of illegal activity decrease during the hottest times.


Arizona, along with California, often sees a decrease in crime during the warmest months of the year.  In Scottsdale, violent crime reports are 7 percent lower than during the fall and winter. Two factors could influence this: high temperatures that exceed 100 degrees, and a drop in tourism during the summer. But while there were significantly fewer rapes and murders, the incidence of crime itself actually rose slightly in Maricopa county, while Pima county saw an increase in both violent and nonviolent crimes. Check out the interactive chart here that tracks crime in many countries around the country. 


Am I more likely to be arrested during the summer?

Crime Patterns Show Trends in ArrestsAgain, the answer to this is probably. Many departments have more officers on the streets, and the officers may be more likely to act aggressively during warmer months. A warning in the winter may turn into an arrest in the summer, as law enforcement ramps up their vigilance and response. If you do run into trouble with the law in the summer, the most important thing you can do is make sure you have an attorney on your side. 

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