In Arizona a Class 6 Felony can be listed as Undesignated by a judge. In this video Burges McCowan explains how this process works.

Undesignated Felony in AZ Explained

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This is Burges McCowan. In this video, I’m going to talk about undesignated felonies in Arizona.

In Arizona, there’s various classes of felony. Class 1 is the highest level, that would be like murder; all the way down to Class 6, which is the lowest level felony. That would be things like resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, DUI with a passenger under 15. There’s many examples.

Class 6’s are the lowest class felonies. Now, they’re still felonies. They’re still major ramifications for being charged with a felony and if you’re convicted, you lose your right to vote, you lose your right to bear arms, and you have a felony on your record which can definitely impact your future negatively.

However, in Arizona, there’s this thing called the Undesignated Felony which means that you can turn that felony, if it’s a Class 6, into a misdemeanor. You need an experienced defense attorney who can help you navigate that system and ensure that you get one of those types of undesignated felonies.

I have the experience to get that for you. Now, it’s not automatic and you definitely need someone that can look at the details of your case and negotiate with that prosecutor or the judge to get it for you. But it is a possibility for you if you’re charged with a Class 6 felony.

If you or someone you love is charged with a Class 6 felony and you want to avoid having a permanent felony on your record, give me a call. I offer free consultations and I can help.
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